Should Corporate Think Tanks Scan IT Logs, and Data Mine for Innovative Ideas?

The vast majority in the professional workplace would have an issue with their managers snooping their messages. By the by, we realize this happens each day on the grounds that the businesses need to ensure their workers are not screwing off and burning through organization time. Each CFO realizes that efficiency in the working environment, or office condition is vital to benefits. Presently at that point, I have another inquiry, one that you have not thought of yet in regards to this issue.

My inquiry is this; imagine a scenario in which your boss was snooping your messages and searching for thoughts which you had while relating with different sellers, clients, or different workers. In other words imagine a scenario where your boss had a calculation, which scanned for watchwords in email correspondence that could give them understanding into imaginative approaches to alter their items or administrations. Okay as representative be disturbed about something to that effect?

At the end of the day, they are not hoping to get you in a tough situation, rather they are searching for thoughts and advancements which will enable the organization to improve in the commercial center, become progressively effective, and help the organization accomplish its quarterly goals, while expanding investors value.

There was a fascinating article posted in MIT’s Technology Review titled “Removing Business Ideas from IT Logs Software finds concealed business bits of knowledge in Web and telephone logs, email, and system traffic,” posted on Friday, February 11, 2011 by Tom Simonite.

For sure, I locate this fascinating on the grounds that as the facilitator for a research organization which works on the Internet, it generally happened to me that maybe we ought to have a calculation that look through all the messages to locate the most brilliant people among us, and maybe enlist them to help with authoritative, legal, military, and official choices in the administration.

Imagine a scenario in which organizations, companies, colleges, charities, and government offices began doing this with every one of their workers. What’s more, imagine a scenario in which Google concocted a comparative framework to discover inventive thoughts, would anybody truly need their information anonymized all things considered. Odds are they wouldn’t, odds are they might want to take an interest in such a program, and maybe later on get paid for their thoughts, or get a little stipend, eminence, or credit for their inventive thoughts and ideas.

It isn’t so much that I wish to propose that we ought to by keeping an eye on the American individuals, however since we as of now are (NSA) and I think everybody realizes that, possibly we should begin searching for the heroes, just as the trouble makers? Without a doubt, I trust you will take this idea on a philosophical premise, and please consider what I’ve said here today.